The day we spent in Bulgaria was our second day of travelling. We came to Bulgaria after 16 hours (or was it 18?) of travelling. That should explain my not-so-enthusiastic face in the photos, almost no makeup and overall tiredness. What I'll probably remember Bulgaria for is the sentence 'It's gonna be a bumpy ride' (from the Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban movie) which marked our journey. 
Sofia, the capital, is nothing like I imagined. It's unsually empty and people you meet are either beggars or priests. (Based on our never-ending walk around the city which lasted for almost 10 hours)
The spirit's low and what I could tell from observing while wandering around, so are the paychecks.

The only things I particularly liked were the (1) Happy Grill - cool place which you can find all around the city, it offers delicious food (if you're the pickiest person ever you'll still find something you'll love) for ridiculously low prices, (2) wide streets - I have a serious problem regarding this, (3) Mall of Sofia - which had great decorations and looks very chic although the selection of stores is rather meek, (4) great alcohol prices and (5) Christmas decorations set up on the main square - so cute.

And to end in a at least little happier tone, here are some random facts:
1) Bulgarians shake their heads for yes and nod for no - this inspired some rather interesting moments while talking to waiters in restaurants and cafes
2) Bulgaria's in the EU, but uses the lev instead of the euro - and no, they do not accept euros are all
3) Sofia's the home of the world's largest IMAX 3D cinema
4) The famous Bulgarian rose oil is used for making some of the world’s most popular and expensive perfumes - one gram rose oil is produced out of 1000 rose blossoms
5) Bulgarians love their yogurth - they claim it's the best in the world



  1. What a great place! These pictures are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Bah, why would you visit Bulgaria, of all the other places in the world :D I always wondered how my country would look from a foreigner's perspective, this post was very fun to read :D I'm the most anti- patriotic person, when it comes Bulgaria, I think it's an awful country.

  3. Q ciudad tan bonita

    Besos Rebeca

  4. beautiful photos <3 <3
    What about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!